Five Ways to improve your health

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Eat healthy. What you eat is firmly connected to your wellbeing. Balanced nourishment has many advantages. By making healthier food decisions, you can prevent or treat a few conditions. These include heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. A healthy diet can assist you with getting in shape and lower your cholesterol, too. Get regular exercise. Exercise can assist with preventing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and colon malignancy. It can assist with treating depression, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure. people who exercise get … Continue reading “Five Ways to improve your health”

Healthy food recommended for your everyday diet

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Everyone needs a variety of healthy foods from the major food groups everyday: Fruits Fruit is the sweet, juicy, edible part of a plant. It generally contains seeds. Fruits are usually eaten raw, although some varieties can be cooked. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and flavors. Common types of fruits that are readily available include: Apples and pears Citrus – oranges, grapefruits, mandarins and limes Stone fruit – nectarines, apricots, peaches and plums Tropical and exotic … Continue reading “Healthy food recommended for your everyday diet”

Healthy food and Supplements

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A healthy diet can improve your mood, and increase your energy. It is is essential for good health and nutrition. The basis of a healthy diet The Guidelines will give you the basis of a healthy diet. Use them to build your own food plan, factoring in specific nutritional requirements based on your age and gender. Eat a wide variety of foods from the five food groups:  plenty of colourful vegetables, legumes/beans fruit grain (cereal) foods – mostly wholegrain and high fibre … Continue reading “Healthy food and Supplements”


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According to Less Than 3 Percent of Americans Have a Healthy Lifestyle. Researchers say 97 percent of Americans are failing to meet ideal ‘healthy lifestyle’ criteria that can protect their hearts. Generosity for all is created to share what the ideal healthy lifestyle is and provide everyone all the necessary nutrients for a healthy mind and body.  U.S. health care spending grew 4.6 percent in 2019, reaching $3.8 trillion or $11,582 per person. Today, chronic disease affects 50% of … Continue reading “Health”

Generosity provides affordable healthcare

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All profits from supplements, subscriptions, and apparel goes directly towards doctors, therapists, online assistance, and medical devices. We are currently in the process of getting grants to fund the construction of new hospitals. Physical assistance will be available soon. Clothing and apparel can be found here. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on new research in health and development.